Here are 5 ways to boost your sexual confidence

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In a world where there are a lot of pressure, from the workplace, to debtors who are keeping you on toes on unpaid mortgage loans, car loans etc, sweet sex may never be there between married couples and that the reason why we are having several divorce cases filed.
No matter how the situation may be hard, you should always find solace with your partner and take life easy.

1.Always learn from the past.

Take past challenges as the lesson.Know what worked for you and what did not work.


Communication is always very important when it comes to good sexual life.Always speak your mind and also be a good listener.Listen to your partner and address his/her desires.

3.Always have a sense of humor

When together with your partner do things that will make him/her laugh.Laughing is good for the brain.It helps to reduce stress hormones and boosts your partner immune system.

4.Think outside the bedroom

When a lady invites you to her house, she expects you to make the first move.Think of how you are going to do it before you get there.

5.Give your partner attention

Ladies always like attention and failure to give her that, she will seek it from somewhere else.

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