10 Questions to ask a girl on a first date

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Do you have a girl you like very much and you don't know how to approach her?Here are some of the best top ten questions to ask a lady to get her in a conversation mood.It's never that serious, you just need to play with words and this will get her on the right track and she will definitely like you and enjoy your company.On a first date never get kinky.
1.Get to know about her family and everything about her.

Ask questions about her family.How many siblings she has.Try also to know the meaning of her name and compliment her after she talks about herself.
2.Ask her what she loves doing during her free time

How a lady uses her free time will help you know more about her.If she likes spending most of her time in club parting know she could be a Malaya from mtwapa or just another Ann Wothaya.If she likes watching movies, swimming she is just a normal girl.Keep her.

3.Ask her about her nicknames and why people use the names to refer to her.This will reveal the funny side of her and probably you will get her laugh here when she talks about her life.

4.Know what she does for a living.If still a student you need to know the course she does and why she loves it.Remember to talk about yourself what you love doing in the process of asking her.Make her ask questions about you and inquire more about you.This will help you know if she is really interested in you or your just wasting time.

5.Get to know about her funny moments in her life.

6.Ask her about her age and how she views marriage life is like-This will help you know her opinions about starting a family if she considers it a good thing or she has never thought of it.Mostly heartbroken ladies will be less interested to talk about this.

7.Ask her about past relationships.

8.The type of man she can date

9.If she loves cooking and doing house chores.

10.What she is passionate about.

Above questions will help you know your girl more.On a second date, get kinky with a bit funny and intimate questions.

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