20 Things Every Girl Wants But will never Ask For

  1. Cuddle her.
  2. Hug her
  3. Hold her waist
  4. Kiss her forehead in the morning before you leave the house.
  5. Take her out on a dinner date.
  6. Tie her shoe lashes.
  7. Hold her hand as you walk in the street.
  8. Take her pictures
  9. Invite her to your place for lunch.
  10. Pull her onto your lap
  11. Let her rest in your chest.
  12. Compliment her beauty.
  13. Make her feel loved and special.
  14. don't lie or cheat on her.
  15. Introduce her to your friends.
  16. Gave her your coat when its cold.
  17. Dance with her in the club.
  18. Introduce her to your friends.
  19. Suprise her one day with a gift.
  20. Talk her for long walks in the night as you talk.

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