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Biography Quick facts about Paris Whitney Hilton

Real name:Paris Whitney Hilton.
Career: American TV Personality, Model, singer,Businesswoman and socialite.
Family:Great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton who is founder of Hilton hotels.
Her Height:1.73m.
Date of birth:17 feb 1981.
Place of Birth:New-York America.
Partner:Chris Zylka(2017- to present).
Her brothers and Sisters:Nicky Hilton ROthschild,Conrad Hughes Hilton,Barron Hilton II.
Her parents:Kathy Hilton and Richard Hilton.

Paris Hilton Networth:

Paris Hilton is estimated to be worthy $300 million dollars that was before she got married.Using facts,Kim kardashian estimated worthy is $175 so Paris Hilton should be worthy $302 million.

Paris Hilton has ventured in a new jewelry piece.Her source of income is enterpreneurship.

Paris Hilton Husband

Paris Hilton has been married to Chris Zylka but they recently splitted.Paris Hilton is single again.The duo have dated for one year now .

Paris Hilton Instagram account.

Official Paris Hilton Instagram account is >>

Paris Hilton Instagram account.

Paris Hilton twitter account

Official Paris Hilton twitter account is >>

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