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Robie Uniacke Biography quick facts.

Official Full name: Robie Uniacke.
Was married to Emma Howard from 1983–1988.
Career: Profession Businessman and mathematical researcher.
Green eyes.
Other Spouses: Rose Batstone and Rosamund Pike (2009).
Children number: 6.

About Robie Uniacke.

Robie Uniacke is a very famous researcher and businessman. Being boyfriend of Hollywood Actress Rosamund Pike made him even more famous. Pike has been very popular since 2014 because of a stunning performance in the film "Gone Girl".

Early Robie Uniacke life.

Robie Uniacke was born in 1961 in the Uk. He attended Eton College in Windsor England. When he was a child he loved mathematics and he went ahead to become a mathematical researcher. He was fluent in Mandarin. Apart from mathematics, he is a businessman.

Robie Uniacke’s wife and children.

Robie Uniacke has been married twice. The recent marriage is between him and Rosamund Pike. The two started dating in 2009 and later wedded. Together, they have two kids who are Solo Uniacke born in may 6th 2012 and on December 2, 2014, they got their second child.

RObie Uniacke's past love affairs.

Uniacke had an early marriage. He was married to Emma Howard. They parted unhappily and this made both to check on clinics for addiction treatment. Uniacke was a drug addict.
After that, Uniacke got married to Rose Batstone. Together they had 3 children Hector, Olive, and Florence.

Robie Uniacke Networth.

Robie Uniacke is estimated to worth $9 million. He shares this value with his wife Pike. He has made most of his money as a businessman and researcher.

Robie Uniacke Instagram account.

Robie is an active social media user.His official instagram account is>>

Robie Uniacke twitter account

Seems RObie is not on twitter

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