My daughter is getting naughty at age of 3

I want to share something. Am a single mum 27 years old my daughter is turning 7 years now. I have a very busy job, i work at least 10 hours a day 7 days a week so you can imagine the time i have to mingle. I live with my daughter and her nanny who makes sure she is well taken care of in terms of hygiene and food, i also try my best to make sure am there for her whenever i find the chance. Due to mytideous schedule and my ever present desire for sex, i find myself hiring male escorts every now and then to fulfill this human need. I also have trust issues, i don't trust hotels or lodgings i trust my house so that's where we do our thing. The problem however is my daughter. At about three years old, i started noticing that she was sneeking upon me while i was having sex in my room, mostly i didn't even bother locking the door because i didn't expect anyone to interrupt what was happening there. There is this one time i was on top then i saw her trying hard to get a glimpse of what was happening on the inside at a small space by the door and i just froze and stopped because of the shock. When she started talking, very early into it she started this habit of asking me if i have had sex with every male person who visited our house. The other day, recently she asked me what a prostitute is then after i explained, she asked me the number of guys i have had sex with and i felt very embarrased. I have a suspicion that my nanny has been feeding my daughter very poisonous information because there is no way in the world she could know about this things at this age. Am thinking of sending her to live with her grandparents before the situation escalates further. But am still wondering, do children know this stuff or someone was feeding her info? because if yes and she remembers the number of times i have done it in front of her assuming she can't interpret it, then i smell trouble ahead

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